Of Friends and Foes

Beware of the wolf
In sheep’s clothing,
Of the one who masks
Her poison-laced words
With sickly sweet honey.

Beware of the ugliness
Lurking behind the
Face of a pretty girl,
Of the venomous insults
That cut your skin deep,
Slowly and stealthily.

Beware of the foe
Who stretches her
Hand out like a friend,
Only to twist it later
For her own pleasure.

Beware of the sadness,
Of the insecurity,
Of the jealousy,
That manifests itself
In the most hideous of ways,
That seeks to pull you down
To troubled waters,
Watching you wash away
Until you are nothing.

I learned the hard way
That not everything that
Shines can be trusted,
And some smiles
Hide the nastiest lies.

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