Buried deep within my heart,
Lies a treasure trove of
My memories of you.
Sometimes, on days I feel
Particularly brave,
I open it up and replay them.
Most times, my heart cannot
Bear the weight of my grief.

So I keep this treasure trove
Sealed shut,
Scared that if I leave it open,
My memories of you
Will escape,
And I will be left with nothing.

I don’t have much else of you.
All that I have,
I guard with my life.
I keep your diaries and clothes,
Your letters and pictures,
Things you had forgotten about,
But have your touch all over them.

I have a million questions
That I want to ask you,
A million tears to shed
In your name,
A million ‘I love you’s’
And ‘I miss you’s’ to tell you,
But I keep them locked,
Buried deep inside the
Treasure trove inside my heart.

8 replies to “Treasure

  1. God bless that noble soul, for we all exist today with peace and comfort.
    I wonder if we ever can ever repay to some of the good deeds that this soul has given us. Then I realise that we are too small to give but can only pray for the soul to rest in peace!
    I am sure that the soul is resting in peace, smiling and happy to see you growing smart, beautiful and intelligent . Stay blessed.

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  2. We all miss the noble soul who loved her family and brought you up with lots of love and affection. She had lots of dreams for you. I am sure you will live up to her dreams and grow up to be a loving and confident young lady. God bless you

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