When I think of home,
I think of
High rise buildings,
And luxury living.
All the glamor and excess,
In one small city.
Busy streets filled with
Busier people,
Pretty lights and
Gorgeous nights.

When I think of home,
I think of
My annoying little brother,
Who I love more than life itself.
I think of
My grandmother’s cooking,
Which I wish I had never
Taken for granted.
I think of my aging father,
Who adamantly claims
That he is still young at heart –
And rightly so.
I think of the two souls
That were taken from us
All too suddenly and all too soon.

When I think of home,
I think of
Warmth and happiness.
I think of
A crazy, dysfunctional mess
That loves each other unconditionally.

2 replies to “Home

  1. When I think of home
    I think of my angel who is sweet and kind.
    Who is currently away from us, working hard and getting ready to face the competitive world.
    I think of her coming back very soon.
    When I think of home
    I think of my home
    that will be filled with joy and celebration
    that will see love, respect and affection among the family members.
    that will see the gratitude for being blessed with such a lovely family.
    that will see the two siblings loving and caring eachother
    that will witness the siblings love suddenly turning to brutal fight and arguments on silly matters- claiming I am the better child?
    that will surprise us to see our child grown up into a beautiful, matured and affectionate woman.
    that will see me thanking the universe for blessing me with such a sweet home…

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