This Time Around…

I’ve put my faith in
The wrong people
One too many times.
I’ve learned to trust
Time after time,
Despite actions that warn me
Not to do so.
I’ve always thought that
Mistrust is for the weak,
That if you can’t
Forgive and forget,
It means you still haven’t
Healed from the pain.
That you’re still wounded.
But I’ve learned now,
The errors of my ways.
Some people will not change.
Some people will hurt you,
The first chance they get.
And so, some people do not
Deserve the trust and faith
That I put in them,
Simply because they are not
Capable of showing the
Love and care that I show them.
So this time around,
I won’t forgive and forget.
This time around,
When you try to talk to me,
In that sickly sweet voice,
I’ll remember the ease with which
You tossed me aside.
This time around,
When you try to reconcile things,
I’ll just smile and wave goodbye.
This time around,
You’ll realize just how bad
You did me wrong.

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