One Tuesday Afternoon

Susan combed her curly dark hair, and as she looked at herself thoughtfully in the mirror, she wondered what she should do. She had to get rid of the body somehow. But how? She looked over her shoulder and there on the queen sized bed lay her victim’s bloody corpse.

She did not mean for it to get this far; she had only intended to scare Margery – the woman whose head she had smashed with a vase. ‘It was her own fault,’ thought Susan, who now stood over the bed, wondering how to move the body without any help.

She grabbed Margery’s ankles and dragged her down the stairs, her head forcefully hitting every step. ‘If she wasn’t already dead, this would’ve done the trick,’ thought Susan, a hint of amusement playing on her lips. She opened the back door of her house, which led to her garden and dragged the body outside.

There, she dug deep enough to throw the body in. After a hard day’s work, Susan decided to reward herself with a long, warm bath. As she lay in the bathtub, the gravity of the situation sunk in and she realized what she had done. Her mind flashed back to the time she was twelve years old and she walked in on her mother cleaning a pool of blood. Her mother had looked up at her like a deer caught in headlights, with frightened, teary eyes. Susan didn’t utter a word, but immediately helped her mother get rid of all the evidence.

Shuddering with déjà vu, Susan scrubbed her body clean off all the mud and dirt and blood, like she had almost ten years ago. She remembered the guilt on her mother’s face as she got rid of Susan’s father’s body. When Susan looked at herself in the steamy mirror, however, she saw a face devoid of any emotion. She felt nothing. No remorse, no regret, no guilt. She hummed a familiar tune as she went about her day like she hadn’t just murdered her own sister two hours before.

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